Promote the power of synchronous rectifier of secondary end in the syntony converter of the semi-bridge

The designer is seeking the solution with higher efficiency, with lower power consumption, in the hope of reducing the needless energy loss. Utilize syntony inductance to shake the capacitive LLC syntony converter harmoniously, use the zero voltage switch ZVS Or a current switch ZCS Can obtain more efficient solution. Though LLC syntony converter has more high efficiency, adopt the discontinuous

mode DCM Or the mode BCM that the borderline is turned on The electric current of the secondary end MOSFET of the work may cause the power consumption. This text will discuss how to use the second order to carry the synchronous rectifier circuit to reduce the power consumption, canvass the control method of using the electric current of secondary end to make MOSFET turned on and shut off synchronously, and control the voltage of MOSFET and method of time of the feed-through with LLC primary-side grid signal. In order to obtain more high efficiency, compare with 200W to the positive excited converter of 800W two-hose sharing, the primary-side MOSFET of LLC syntony converter can reach the zero voltage switch ZVS easily, In the hope of saving energy, and obtain more high efficiency. In addition, LLC syntony converter uses the unique part, can omit the stored energy inductance of the secondary end, superior to the scheme of the positive excited converter of two-hose sharing, and reduce the area of position occupied on the p-c board. Because of the characteristic of LLC syntony converter, will turn on the mode BCM with the borderline Or discontinuous mode DCM Deal with the electric current of secondary end, the electric current crest value will be greater than the crest value of electric current of the positive excited converter of two-hose sharing. Will introduce several kinds and control the method that MOSFET will be turned...

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