Protecting Microcontroller Input Pins from Soft Power Switch

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Soft power switch for a microcontroller where a momentary switch can turn the circuit on (including microcontroller), and then when the switch is pushed a second time, the microcontroller can shut itself off after performing some clean up. I have the above circuit so far, but I`m not sure if it`ll be reliable. I`m using a lithium-

Protecting Microcontroller Input Pins from Soft Power Switch
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ion battery (3. 7-4. 2V) and the TC1015 regulator (3. 0V output). The idea is that when the switch is pressed, the regulator turns on, then the microcontroller sets uC Power high, keeping itself on. When the switch is pressed a second time, an interrupt on uC Switch will allow the microcontroller to set uC Power low, turning itself off. What I`m not sure about, is if I need to protect the microcontroller from battery voltage. The microcontroller I`m using has an absolute maximum voltage on the I/O pins of Vdd+0. 4V, so I`m not sure how to handle that best. Second, will this circuit actually keep the regulator from turning on when it`s in the "off" state I had thought about using a pulldown resistor on the enable line, but am worried about the current draw while the chip is powered on. The new circuit uses a flip flop, with the data line normally pulled low. Pressing the switch hits the clock, turning the system on. Subsequent presses of the switch drive the CLOCK line high (allowing the microcontroller to sense the press), but don`t affect the output of the regulator. Once the microcontroller is ready to power off, it sets the DATA line high and then sets the CLOCK line high, which will cause the regulator to shut down. One of the really nice things about this setup, is that the first button press turns the regulator on, and keeps it on until the microcontroller is ready to shut down. Bounce isn`t an issue, because no...

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