RF circuits

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

Field Strength Meter Using A Biased Schottky Detector A temperature compensated Schottky diode is used in an amplified, untuned field strength indicator that is powered by two AA cells idicates the relative field strength of RF fields from a few kHz into the microwave region Low cost wireless network antennas, schematics of amplifiers, wireless ca

RF circuits
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rds and modification ideas, RF test equipment and software, information, amplifier and antenna designs for the 915 MHz WaveLAN MOBILE PHONE ABSORPTION WAVEMETER An absorption wavemeter is a device which can make measurements on the strength of radio emissions and so this instrument is an essential item for investigating the mobile phones RDS ENCODER RADIO DATA SYSTEM Encoder, Radio Data System, RDS, is intended for application to VHF/FM sound broadcasts in the range 87. 5 MHZ to 108. 0 MHZ which may carry either stereophonic (pilot-tone system) or monophonic programs RF Field Strength Probe (AT90S1200A) This broadband probe has a small antenna (about a 15 cm length of insulated wire). Radio Frequency energy coupled to the antenna is detected and made available to drive millivolt level signals to the input of a DVM (Digital Volt Meter)

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