Rastop guitar effects

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

By testing many different circuits, I ended up with the simplest ( in terms of parts count and straight signal flow) design, similar to those ` Heathkits`, with one tone control and FET buffer. From modern features - only True By-Pass switching, DC jack and LED indicator included, no noise reduction, etc. Basic model has Volume and Tone controls, gain set to maximum. It cleans up good enough with guitar volume control,

Rastop guitar effects
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

but additional Gain control is available too, for those who prefer footswitchable presets to on-board volume knob. This beauty comes from combining several ideas - soundwise it was tweed Bassman("Tweedy"- is the first box with real tweed cover), six position varitone was inspired by old B. C. Rich Eagle guitar I played back in 1985, and uses inductor coil for tone shaping, treble booster part comes from mysterious Dallas Rangemaster. On top of everything it has three switchable gain settings - low (for humbuckers), medium and high. Varitone rotary switch acts as a select frequency mid-cut filter, which successfully emulates Fender scooped-mids sound. Input impedance is similar to a tube stage, output- less than 10K. Controls: Volume, Treble( full CCW is normal, going CW boosts highs), 6-position rotary Varitone switch: 1-tone by passed; 2- lo-mid cut; 3- mid cut; 4- hi-mid cut; 5- low cut; 6- highest gain(fuzz), mini switch- hi/low gain. I was fooling around with dividers since late seventies. At that time CMOS chips were not available, s

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