Solar panel

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

A solar panel is, as the name says, a panel which collects solar energy and converts it to electricity. At least that`s my simple view of it. A solar panel consists of a background on which solar cells are `stuck`. These cells are interconnected and ultimately there is an electric wire which can be linked to an inverter. In a system panels can be

Solar panel
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put in series and or parallel. Among others, depending on the inverter. What a professional panel is made of I do not know. I`ve read somewhere that the rear side is of aluminum and the solar cells are placed on top of thatand on the top thereis(special) glass over it. I must be honest that I would like to know more about this but do not have time for it. As mentioned earlier, I came to the site of Chris van der Zwaal and he described a way of building a panel which sounded like a good method to me. The aim is to build solar panels. Not solar cells, but panels and connect them via an inverter to the electricity grid. These panels are as follows: The back is made of glass. Then the cells are glued on top of that. The solar cells are inter connected and ultimately linked to an electrical wire. On top of that a glass plate. The two glass plates are sealed by sealants. Ultimately, an aluminum profile if put aound it`s done. Quite simple :-) Only a few parts, however, many questions. First but the most important and expensive part are the solar cells. I bought the cells through ebay in America ( There are a number of suppliers, but only a few large ones. One of them did not standardly shipped to the Netherlands and another I did not think he hadreally interesting cells. So finally I ordered with Ever Bright Solar Inc. It takes about two weeks before your belongings arrive. This is mainly because it is very long at the TNT /...

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