Structured PIC BASIC

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

This circuit shows the use of the XCSB servo library to control 4 RC servos. The demo runs on a 16f628 using the internal 4MHz oscilator. It uses 1 push button to select between servos and 2 push buttons to change the selected servos position. A 16x2 character LCD gives operator feed back while controlling the servos. The servo library can handle

Structured PIC BASIC
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upto 20 servos on a 16f876. The circuit has additional resisters between the PIC and the LCD to allow in-circuit programming of the PIC using a programmer such as the wisp628 available from Connection points are clearly marked. This circuit shows the use of a 3x4 keypad and a 16x2 LCD connected to a 16f628. The 3x4 keypad is a cheap device using 12 switches aranged as a matrix. The interface uses 7 wires and connects directly to the PIC. The XCSB test program keypad-02. bas shows how trivial it is to read the keypad and display key presses on the LCD. A very simple modification would allow the program to accept PIN numbers and activate an electronic lock. A precompiled ready to run executable is available as keypad-02. hex This circuit shows how to read an analog input using the built-in Analog to Digital Convertor (ADC) of the 16f876 The analog input is a 10K linear potentiometer (also know as a pot). The XCSB test program adc-pwm-876-001. bas reads the value of the pot (R6) using the built-in Analog to Digital Convertor (ADC) of the 16f876, displays it on the LCD and uses it as the setting for the PWM generator. The speaker produces a tone corresponding to the value of the pot. Turning the pot changes the tone produced. Simple flashing LED program ready to run on minimal 16f628 circuit with internal oscillator - machine code executable in hex format ready to run (compiled from led-01. bas source) XCSB source file for LED...

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