The FSK modulation circuit composed of 74LS74

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

This is the FSK modulation circuit composed of 74LS74. The FSK modulation circuit has neither PLL nor bandpass filter with high Q value, so there is no need of any tune adjustment in the high-frequency modulation circuit. The 2 tune circuits composed of L1, L2, C4 and C7 is working as the input filter, which only allows the frequency band with cen

The FSK modulation circuit composed of 74LS74
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tral frequency of 10MHZ to pass, and the high frequency difference amplifier A3 can amplify the 10MHZ signal. The auto gain control (AGC) circuit is composed of A1 and A2. The HF signal, which is magnified by A3, can be switched into digital signal by comparator A4.

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