The built-in ultrasonic flow measurement of stand pipe based on correlation method is designed (

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

In industrial production, flow measurement is to employ the extensive measurement physical quantity. Under special circumstances, when for instance vertical externally positioned installation probes of difficult pipeline such as the oil well, etc. , need to design a kind of instrument and equipment to test the flowrate to intraductal installation. In actual conditions, because probe

The built-in ultrasonic flow measurement of stand pipe based on correlation method is designed (
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built-in in examine in the liquid, the waveform of emitting-receiving will be interfered with, it is directed primarily to adopting the supersonic flowmeter that principle is designed of the correlation method to measure fluid-flow so originally design. The noise of flowing can utilize the sensor to measure in the measuring system, it is that the ability to resist noise is strong and the correlation method measures the delayed characteristic, so long as the interference noise correlates with received signal no, the measuring result is free of interference noise, adopt the two set probe, do relevant operation of the signal and signal received to deal with, obtain better waveform. When travelling in the liquid in supersonic wave, when being the same as liquid flow direction or opposite, ultrasonic transmission time is different. In design this, adopt probe to be relative soaking in examine in the liquid, some of integral detection are intraductal to go on. Design and is shown as in Fig. 1 if in the distance of the constant length L, put the ultrasonic sender S1, S2 and receiver R1, R2 of two set separately, to having downstream and counter-currently. Formula 1 And formula 2 China, C is the supersonic wave in the resting fluid inner propagation velocity; V is the speed of the fluid flow; T1 spreads and sows required time for being suitable; T2 sows required time in order to go against to spread. It is relevant to do by signal...

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