adding audio to arduino projects

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

One incredibly simple solution to getting more sound from a micro controller is the LM386 series of amplifier chips. These can give project quality audio for less than a dollar. They even make a passable one dollar MP3 docking station and are the basis of the `little gem` guitar amplifier. The datasheet for the LM386-N4 which I am using provides s

adding audio to arduino projects
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ome example circuits but these require non standard capacitors - by non standard I really mean that most of us keep `decade` capacitors meaning the tens - 0. 01uf, 0. 1uf, 1uf, 10uf, 100uf. The sample circuits require 250uf and 0. 05 uf capacitors. As I didn`t have these values, I built the sample circuits with 100`s in series and 0. 1`s in parallel to get 200uf and 0. 05uf. After playing with the circuit for a while I removed the series and parallel capacitors leaving just a single 100uf and one 0. 01 uf capacitor. This variation of the recommended circuit works perfectly well, and is now included in the built version of the RCArduino Lap Timer. So for a super simple chip to add quality sound and volume to a project order a few LM386N4`s its amazing how many projects can benefit from bigger sound when its as easy as this. Caution : The new generation of 32 Bit ARM chips used by the Arduino Due are less able to sink and source current than the AVR Chips used in the 8-bit Arduinos. A number of users have reported burnt out DAC (Digital To Analog Converter) outputs while using the Arduino Due. It is suggested that a series current limiting resistor should be used between the Arduino Due DAC Outputs and external circuitry. There are currently a number of topics covering the Arduino DAC outputs and pin protection in general on the Arduino Due forum - Update: The first video is my own Auduino, any others I post are enhanced...

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