make these simple cheap home burglar

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The following article discusses a few very simple intrusion detector circuits, or simply burglar alarm circuits. The presented designs are simple yet extremely effective with the functions. The triggering stage may consist of a voltage/current amplifier stage rigged with a relay driver stage along with a timer stage for keeping the triggering swit

make these simple cheap home burglar
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ched ON even after the threat is eliminated, for increased safety. Generally PIR sensorswhichwork bydetectingbody warmth are incorporated in most hi-end types of burglar alarms, however here well try to implement reasonably similar results yet use ordinary arrangements for the sensor stage in the proposed circuits. This is probably the simplest one among all. As shown in the diagram, the sensor is an ordinary thin wire conductor which is laid across therestrictedarea in such a way that anybody intruding the place gets caught up against the conductor and in the course breaks it up. Theentiresystem may be fixed over the door or therestrictedentrance. If an intruder tries to break in, the door would be disturbed instantly activating the connected piezo sensor, and theprecedingalarm circuit. This toy laser beam can be effectively implemented as an alarm sensor. As shown in the figure, the restricted area may be swarmed by laser beams reflectedacrossthe area via accurately angled mirrors. The final reflection gets directed toward an LDR trigger circuit. In case an intruder tries to trespass the premise, the person would block at least one of the reflections, interrupting the laser passage over the LDR.

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