motorcycle headlight with single spdt relay

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

A bike with 35 watt HS1 bulb and I want to upgrade brightness of headlight so I decided to put H4 60/65 watt xenon bulb. An expert on this forum suggested me to use relays as the new bulb requires more power. I did some google to understand relays and how to wire new headlight with relays, but the confusion is that the links and videos for relay wiring that I found online was for cars and car has two head lights

motorcycle headlight with single spdt relay
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so they have used two SPDT(Bosch) relay for that but for my bike I need only one bulb so I guess single 30 AMP SPDT relay would be enough but I am confused what should be the circuit diagram for single SPDT relay to control headlight HI-LO beam. I know instead of making setup from scratch by myself many of you would suggest me to go for Eastern Beaver H4 kit but the problem is that I am in India and I dont have any paypal account to pay for kit and even not sure whether this kit would be economical for me or not thats why I decided to make this setup by myself. I have 30amp SPDT relay, 30amp fuse holder and H4 xenon bulb and I need help of the experts on this forum to please guide me on how wire new headlight. A simple circuit diagram would be enough like this one at earlycuda. org:

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