pic micro multiple servo motor

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The program uses two pulsewidth variables, pw1 and pw2; and two sets of routines, left1 and left2, right1 and right2; one for each motor. As you can see in the schematic, the first servo is wired as per the previous circuit. The second servo is now using B3 as it`s pulse out, and B4 and B5 for the SPDT switch. sweep the servomotor from CCW to CW a

pic micro multiple servo motor
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nd then sweep back. The program will be kept simple as to demonstrate the priniciples of controlling a servo with a the PIC Basic language. The variable pw controls the pulsewidth, and is started at 100 (extreme left, -45 degrees). The program sends the pulse out to the servo, and then is increased by a value of 1 until it reaches 200 (extreme right, 45 degrees), at which point it will reverese the rotation. This Programmer is powered by the RS-232 and it works with RS-232 levels at only < ±8. 6V. It programs PIC12C5XX, 12C67X, 24CXX, 16C55X, 16C61, 16C62X, 16C71, 16C71X, 16C8X, 16F8X and ISO-CARD`s with ASF. Other serial programmable chips by adapter. The Programmer supports ICSP, In-Circuit Serial Programming. Features: Utilities now work on Dos, Windows 3. 1, Windows 95, Windows 98 and are expected to work on all other operating systems. All software does modemcheck to ensure that modems flash are not programmed by programmer, e. g. if you forgot to swap cable between programmer and modem. It is now possible to program more chips at same time using more of the communication port`s while multitasking under Windows. The software automatic optimize delay for cable length and works with modem cables up to 100m. It use the RS232 controler chip only, and does not invoke use of other timers. Also short programming pulses are now hardware controled. Laptops only tested with PIC16C8x and 24Cxx.

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