power supply Transistor current limiter microcontroller controlled  

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Feb 5, 2014
Rsense would cause Q2 to conduct if at a threshold (0. 65V assumably) and Rbias will determine how much it will be limited, however that is unclear to me, especially if Rsense will be somewhere highside and just turning on Q2 with my uC seems to not do anything (in simulation at least) How would I come up with the formulas for a variable limit that I can control I would rather
power supply Transistor current limiter microcontroller controlled - schematic

not have to use a digital potentiometer in place of R2, if I can somehow have sense voltage compared with a comparator with a voltage my uC defines, that`d be great! But how could I start the limiting What do I "turn on" when the sense resistor shows enough current Does Rbias have to be there to limit it to a certain level, and I`ll end up having to use a digipot anyway

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