power window 3 prong safety relay

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Works but the windows go slow, you hook 12 volts directly to the motors and they zip up fine. I saw a post from several years ago where someone was trying to use the common 5 pin ice cube relay. never saw anything that said it worked. Anybody know the power window relay allows the power windows to be operated only when the key is ON. and the power for the windows comes from the

power window 3 prong safety relay
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AMP meter post. NOT the ignition switch. in looking at the wiring diagram. is should be very easy to use a 4 or 5 pin ISO cube relay to control your power windows. you might want to find a quality brand. either grab an OEM relay without diode shown in the diagram on the side from a junk yard car. with thick wires on the socket. this will make your life easier. you may want a 40 amp relay. and you will want to position it. and mount it somehow. as this relay is going to have the coil wired as long as you have the key on. so its going to get warm. It`s a 3 prong relay. The plug has 3 wires that the relay plugs into. small(18 ga) tan wire goes to the am 8 track and then to the main harness, the big red wire (12 ga) goes to the back of the amp meter and 30 amp circuit breaker. and the big tan wire (12 ga) goes to the main window switch. The relay looks like a key buzzer relay with the same 3 prong connection. It`s internally grounded by the mounting tab to the dash. So I am dealing with 3 wires and a possible external ground. Imagine a 3 prong connecter one plug on top and 2 below. Looking at the plug as if you were going to plug the relay in the red wire is on top the small tan wire is to the bottom left the big tan wire is on the bottom right. knowing this info do you think your pin config will work the relay shown above HAS the coil that creates the magnetic field when power is applied from the ignition switch. one end of...

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