robotic vacuum cleaner

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

We decided to design and build a robot capable of vacuuming the floor of a room or area without any human interaction other than just starting the unit. We realized the need for a cheap and convenient product that can be easily used to vacuum a room on its own, saving a person valuable time. The robotic vacuum is mainly built

robotic vacuum cleaner
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from a circular piece of foam board, as shown in Figure 1. The robotic vacuum uses a rotating brush underneath the unit to vacuum a carpet as it passes over it, as shown in Figure 2. Two stepper motors, aligned across the center axis of the robot, are used to accurately drive the robotic vacuum around a room. Because the body of the robot is circular and the steppers are placed along the center axis, the robot can spin in place in any direction. One free-spinning chair wheel is located at the rear of the robot to keep it balanced. The robot is programmed to sense the direction of a collision with an obstacle using an onboard accelerometer. If the robotic vacuum hits an object head-on, it backs up and changes direction. If an obstacle is hit at an off-angle, the robotic vacuum turns away from the direction of the impact. The robotic vacuum`s movement is based upon a random walk around a room, which theoretically will cover the entire area of a room given enough time. The robot is programmed to drive straight until an obstacle is hit. At that point, it will turn and continue driving straight until another obstacle is hit, and so on. Our project was inspired by an existing robotic vacuum cleaner, the Roomba ®. Current robotic vacuum cleaners on the market, produced by iRobot and Electrolux, can cost up to $1700. The idea of a designing and building a device that can perform the same functions as the existing market brands on...

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