safe and security system

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

This security system is very important for any kinds of home, office, factor. there has a circuit diagram its simple and easy to build. Any one can do it. It`s a low cost circuit diagram. Many security systems use a closed loop of wires and switches arranged so that whenever a door or window is opened, the loop will be broken and the alarm will

safe and security system
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sound. An obvious problem is that someone can tamper with the system, short out the loop, and later on, come back and burglarize the premises without sounding the alarm. Hiding a known resistance in the loop, as you propose, is a very good idea. That way, the alarm can distinguish a short circuit from a correctly functioning closed loop. Figure 1 shows a circuit that does the job. It`s a somewhat unusual application of a National Semiconductor LM3915 IC, normally used to drive LED` bar-graph displays. That chip happens to contain the right combination of comparators and logic circuits to do what you need. Step 1 is to translate the loop resistance into a voltage; that`s done by putting it into a voltage divider with resistors R1 and R2. Capacitor C2 protects the circuit against electromagnetic noise-important because burglar alarms use long wires, often running near heavy electrical equipment. Step 2 is to translate the voltage into a logic signal indicating whether it`s in resist-he correct range. That`s where the LM3915 comes in. Normally, the LM3 9 15 would drive ten LED`s, one for each of ten small ranges of voltage. To obtain logic-level outputs, we have it driving 1K resistors instead of LEDs. Since we only need to distinguish three situations, not ten, we tie some of the outputs together. The LM3915 has open-collector outputs that can be paralleled in that way. Note that they use negative logic (OV for yes , +5V...

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