universal high resistance voltmeter

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

The full-scale deflection of the universalhigh-input-resistance voltmetercircuit shown in the figuredepends on the function switch positionas follows: The term IFS in the aboveequations refers to meter`s fullscaledeflection current rating inamperes. It must be noted that neithermeter resistance nor diode voltagedrops affects meter current. A high-i

universal high resistance voltmeter
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nput-resistance op-amp, abridge rectifier, a microammeter, and afew other discrete components are all thatare required to realise this versatile circuit. This circuit can be used for measurementof DC, AC RMS, AC peak, orAC peak-to-peak voltage by simply changing the value of the resistor connected betweenthe inverting input terminal of theop-amp and ground. The voltage to bemeasured is connected to non-inverting inputof the op-amp.

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