12-Bit dac with variable step size

Posted on Mar 30, 2013

The step size of the converter is variable by selection of the high order data bits. The first DAC, A, has a stable reference current supplied via the 10.24 V reference IC and Rl. R2 provides bias cancellation. As shown, only the first 4 MSB inputs are used, giving a step size of 225/256 2.048/16 = 0.127 mA. This current supplies the reference for DAC whose step size is then 0.1275/256 = 0.498 µ. Complementary voltage outputs are available for unipolar output and using R3 - R4 = 10, Vout is ± 10.2 V approximately, with a step size (1 LSB) of approximately 5 mV. If desired an op amp can be added to the output to provide a low impedance output with bipolar output symmetrical about ground, if R5 = R6 within 0.05%.

12-Bit dac with variable step size
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

Note that offset null is required, and all resistors except R2 and R3 should be 1% high stability types. By using lower order address lines than illustrated for DAC A, a smaller step size (and therefore full-scale output) can be obtained. Unused high order bits can be manipulated high or low to change the relative position of the full-scale output.

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