Multiplicative -DA converter electronic attenuator

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

AD7s23 is an 8-bit multiplication DA converter, the output voltage of the analog input and the digital input of the product. Inside! Unit consists of eight analog switches (cha

Multiplicative -DA converter electronic attenuator
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ngeover contact) and said. 2 Lu ladder network configuration, use the ladder as a damping circuit. Because the ladder network current output, so the need to use the current-voltage conversion amplifier OP12c by the ladder network of approximately iOkQ, there may not within the scope of s ~ 20kQ ~ cause, but as long as the relative value of each resistor ladder Dayton agreement is not It will cause errors. With elements on a chip, the temperature coefficient easily consistent, it is suitable as a variable attenuation is reduced. In order to get the correct attenuation shall be carried out with the coarse ore roar. If the authentication is s ~ 20kcJ input resistance of small, can be added at the input end of the buffer amplifier.

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