LB1416 36 five sections and Ten-segment level display a

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Another common single five lamp drive circuit is: LB1416/26/36, the circuit is a double row of finned-line 14 pin package. Its interior has two input amplifier and five voltage

LB1416 36 five sections and Ten-segment level display a - schematic

comparator can drive AC, DC meter, but also to drive the light emitting diodes. As the circuit has two inputs, so it can make single-output level display, and can be used for dual output power supply voltage level display o accommodate a wide range of the circuit, to 5. 5 ~ 16V enter the release of internal amplifier with two and a half crossing rectifiers, can provide a constant excitation current of LED, can be controlled by an external resistor the size of its current system to adjust LED brightness. Parameters LB1416/26/36 in Table 4-80 circuit supply voltage range of 5.5 ~ 16V, the supply current is 12mA. Figure 4-49 is a five paragraphs and paragraph level with ten LB1416/26/36 composed of display circuit. LB1416/26/36 has two inputs, only one set of output terminals, when it is used as a dual display drivers, in order to guarantee the consistency of the two input signals permit displayed, when the need to adjust each channel separately adjust o If you adjust right channel should be in the right sound channel input terminal OdB signal, adjust 51kS1 potentiometer input for LB1416 should make Lm luminous; then enter 0dB signal in the left channel, using the same method to make LD3 light. LB1426 and 1436 are available for the same square method to adjust o

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