By BH-SK-1 produced a single bond Touch light switch

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

BH-SK-I with the voice of a single bond integrated circuit fabrication touch light switch circuit shown in Figure, the dashed line in Figure 3-40 left section for the general l

By BH-SK-1 produced a single bond Touch light switch
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ighting lines, the right part is the touch switch. Be seen by its ordinary mechanical switches, Foreign cited only two stages, so you can easily replace the ordinary switch without changing the original interior wiring. Switch back to the main route SCR vs diode VD1 ~ VD4 and composition, voice integrated circuits control loop. R2, and C2 form VD5 simple regulator circuit, for the manifold provides 6V DC voltage, resistors R4, R5 partial pressure of the composition is for the manifold l input pin provides slightly. 1/2 VDD bias voltage, so that the manifold in a more sensitive state. SCR vs turned on or not, depending on the switching state of the transistor VT. When the VT is off state, vs through resistor R1 and the opening of the current administration to obtain contact, namely H lamp is lit; when the VT in the conduction state. VT vs gate is shorted to ground. vs in the off state, the lamp goes out. Won voice IC is in a bistable operation mode, its output level is 12 feet high low determines the lamp is lit or extinguished. If the 12-pin output high, VT conduction, vs off, the lights go out. Turn on the lights when needed, as long as your fingers touch the electrode sheet M. Human induced noise signal is applied to the manifold via a resistor R6 to the input end of the l foot, after the internal manifold circuit processing, the internal flip-flop flip, 12-pin output low, so transistor VT CD stop, vs open, lights on the point H shell. Such as touching a lower electrode sheet M, the manifold internal bistable trigger fork flipping once, 12 feet high output, VT conduction, vs off, the lamp H goes out. Therefore, by hand contact electrodes M, you can turn on and off operation. In vs opened, when the lamp is lit, C2 both ends of the voltage will drop to around 3V, because the BH-SK- I belong CMOS circuit power consumption is minimal, it can still maintain normal work, so do not worry about it.

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