Homemade infrared automatic door controller circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Automatic door control and the market price of finished executing agency generally high, the proposed method will be suitable for homemade use, the components used are easy to

Homemade infrared automatic door controller circuit
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find those who are interested to try not imitation original: New house installed aluminum sliding doors, and finally a chance to give their own design an automatic door. Human detection part household appliances remote control transmitter receiver technology, unaffected by ambient light. Figure 1 is an infrared receiver and the motor drive circuit, when no one in the infrared receiver normally receives from the other side sent over an infrared beam. With just 60mm long tube inserted into the guide tube infrared emission (Fig. 3) on the wall parallel to the fixed, appropriate height and alignment and receiver opposite the infrared emitted by such a bunch, easily interfere with another receiver. Specific installation methods shown in Figure 4. After BG6, BG7, CR and other amplified and filtered output low, this time off BG5, BG2, BG3 conduction execute closing action. When people went to the door, the infrared light is blocked, BG7 output high limit switch drive all the way through BG1, BG4 door opening action, the other passing R1 drive BG5 to BG2 off, when the door opened the door to a specified position limit switch off the motor no longer continue to operate. When people leave, BG7 no longer high output, via a capacitor C1 Latency closing action after three seconds. TV remote control transmitter circuit can be finished restructuring (Fig. 2), remove the original launch tube connected by wires to the ready special launcher, two transmitters in parallel and note polarity. Then find a suitable key to short-circuit it, it has been emitted, preferably a screen key, in order to try not to interfere with possible radiation in the TV area. RW with transmit power adjusted to just to be able to receive as well. The main component selection: the motor driving circuit power transistors is four IRF9540/P type/100V/19A and FET IRF540/N type/100V/28A, since it is voltage driven, driving power is hardly consumed. Its internal resistance, temperature rise is small, they can be mounted on a small piece of aluminum, and pay attention to insulation. The motor can go to the store to buy a 12V auto wiper motor, remove its arm, fitted with a four-stroke motorcycle engine gears, pick up a few small chains, and then use a steel plate to make a bracket on the door, specific installation methods shown in Figure 5. In order to prevent the normal use of power door impact, so I designed a step-down transformer coupled with a 12V battery, main circuit 12V power supply, mains isolation, increased safety.

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