SH-80051 holiday lights ASIC

Figure 2-85 is a single road SH-80051 produced flash string, SH-80051 chip only four ports: positive power supply terminal VDD; synchronization input zc; negative power supply
SH-80051 holiday lights ASIC - schematic

terminal vss; drive output Ll. 220V AC by light strings H input to terminal L and LB, by the well-limiting by Rl down after VDI-VD4 rectification, VDD and vss end C filter was added to the chip, R2 provides AC synchronous signal chip, Lt on output trigger pulse to change change vs SCR conduction angle, so as to achieve the purpose of string lights flashing H. SH-80051 There are six blinking patterns function, can automatically flip cycle. Six kinds of patterns specifically: 1, flashes A: 2, flashes B; 3, slowly fades A; 4, the stars blinking A; 5, slowly fades B; 6, stars twinkling B.

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