SH-816 ASIC holiday lights

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Chip has four built +8 kinds of tricks jumps procedure for the control of the double bond. Connected to 6 feet of function selection buttons SB2 is key, then the key SB1 is 5 f

SH-816 ASIC holiday lights
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eet 8 kinds of light-hop fashion lock key. Pressing the SB2 can achieve the following controls: 1 volume + big jumps species (four kinds of jumps: Four lights flash at the same time with the beat of the music Shuo, a group of two lights flashing alternately with the music beats, flow-through single lamp flashes with the music beat four lights lit one by one with the beat of the music, in turn, extinguished conversion method to automatically replace a jump method Zouwan every one song after); 2, +4 kinds of jumps in volume; 3, small volume jump species +4 law; 4,8 kinds of light-hop fashion cycle; 5, string lights all bright. SBI to eight kinds of light hop mode lock key, it is only in the fourth SB2, press SBI to function. Specific Lights jump ways: 1, followed by a single lamp flashes: 2, along the water, pour the water alternates; 3 stars twinkling, Happy Valley-type self- moving changes; 4, four-by-turn lamp is lit, then turn off one by one: 5 single light up slowly fades automatically change (like rolling waves): 6, two adjacent lamps, a light fades, another lights up slowly, followed by forward move {7, while four lights slowly fades: 8, star light flashes. SH-816 operating voltage by the CI Buck, VD1, VD2 rectifier, VD4 filter regulator supplied with c5. To obtain a larger volume, audio amplifier VT1, VT2 operating power from the left end of the resistor R6. To improve the sound quality, an amplification circuit using VT1, VI2 complementary outputs. Its negative feedback resistor R5, R7, R8 as current limiting yang, complementary circuits used to adjust the static working point.

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