Single flashing light string circuit 1

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

A simple and easy to do one-way flashing lights string twist troller, it asked the town to make the spider string gap flashes available to the small shop or home decoration, re

Single flashing light string circuit 1
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aders Yi in the town might find this a non-electric shoe often, especially as a thyristor level training dimmer, does little wrong, if the only way to remove large capacitance iLl the (j, E on the foot of a regulator now exist ten mountain capacitor C, connected to power after charging E puncturing long, when C, song terminal voltage .C banished to a certain value by R:. lu product thyristor V1 gate discharge, VT Jf pass, string lights lit when F. AC zero crossing, VT curse off, the lights off, f, fork reed new start charging again and again, so as to form ultra-low frequency oscillation, the flash lamp Shen Xi fa 1 VII. circuit flashing frequency rate is mainly composed of R, and when asked c constant central reference, by target data string lights E drawer light 2s, put out 2s. If the infant plus fast blinking frequency can be reduced} U barrier resistance R. Kang. VT should be used to trigger a small electric current small plastic tube Li unidirectional product, such as 2N6565 and other punishment. (j, ( to request using CBIj-160V TV polypropylene capacitors. E-machi mining lamp light strings sold City, Sichuan own or the same size small bulb in series, the power package should be controlled in 10 0W less.

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