Stepping BA2101 touch dimmer light circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

BA2101 dimming using ASIC to produce a barrel of light touch stepping, Its a non- constant lamp suitable heir light. ~ Times each touch electrode sheet M, E lamp brightness can

Stepping BA2101 touch dimmer light circuit
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press the Low Light, qJ light, strong light, off, low light. step sequence cycle selection. BEC BA2101 is produced by lamp dimmer © Qi collector circuit, which uses CMOS1 arts system made standard DIP-8·? installed. Preparation cited thirty feet function as follows: O foot osc, internal clock oscillation external electrical resistance end; feet SYN, AC synchronous signal input terminal; feet V, power source positive terminal: foot SP, a touch signal input terminal; feet CI, external discharge resistor tolerance ends: foot TCO, the control signal output terminal; feet vs ., negative power supply terminal; feet 50/60Hz, AC frequency selection end, when the AC frequency is 50Hz, the termination VDD. AC frequency is 60Hz, the ends dangling. BA 2101 typical operating voltage for DC 9V. Around the VD1, VS, foot s and (j composed of a power supply circuit, after power-chu (j ends also available 9V left the wine container flow manifold power supply voltage AC synchronous signal .Rt made for the manifold, R, full integration block external vibration swing I NIE resistor, r is the safe isolation capacitance, M for the touch electrode sheet. when a finger touches M, the body induced clutter signal by (, R, IC feet to the heart, after BA2101 internal circuit processes first pin outputs a trigger signal by the C-, R- product was added to VTH gate thyristor, thyristor VTH hunt through, lamp F lit. M second touch, you can change the first frontier pin output pulse arrival time, and thus make the lamp brightness changes repeatedly touch M, according to the brightness of the bulb E: Low light + light one light one off a weak light groan. circulation changes decrease the discharge resistor R,. and numerical discharge capacitor c, can change the brightness difference Mang block.

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