555 timer circuit diagram of a group of anti-jamming

555 in the use of time-based circuit design from the timer circuit, generally will be 555 monostable circuit is connected, so connected so that the circuit design is simple, re

quires only a few resistors and capacitors can be achieved triggering but there are also external interference on 555 feet of 2-based circuit, the circuit clever use of 555 feet of forced reset circuit 4 functions to achieve interference timer circuit. This circuit is tested and functionable. When SB is disconnected, 555 feet by 4 circuit resistor R6 is connected to ground, the circuit 555 is forcibly reset. At this time, no matter how much interference by 2 feet, 555 circuits do not work. When you press button B, the power supply through a diode VD1 is applied to 4 feet high, forced reset circuit release function group, while power supply through a resistor R1 is applied to the base of transistor VT1, VT1 conduction so that the capacitor C2 is connected to VT1 through the collector to a low level output circuit IC 2 feet, IC flip set, 3 feet high output, LED lights, the relay K is energized, contact K-1 closed, outlet External power supply, and 3 feet high by VD2 such a high self-locking circuit output to 4 feet. After the end of the transient, the circuit turn back to steady state, 3 feet output low, the relay K energized, contacts K-1 off, the circuit returns to the initial state. Component selection: IC1555 timebase circuit used when NE555, A555, SL555 and other base integrated circuit; R1 ~ R7 selected RTX-1/4W carbon film resistors; RP available WSW organic solid variable resistor trimming; C2, C4, C5, C6 selection CT1 type ceramic capacitors, C1, C3, C7 selection CD11-16V electrolytic capacitors; diode VD1, VD2, VD3 selected IN4148 silicon switching diodes, VD4 ~ VD7 selected IN4001 silicon ordinary rectifier diode; relay K You may need to select electrical equipment; three-terminal integrated voltage regulator type selection 7809 three-terminal voltage regulator integrated circuit.

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