Bidirectional thyristor delay lamp circuit 2

Another method uses Zhu gall thyristor delay lamp circuit. Usually, 220V AC via vr), vs, (,, c: isoelectric consisting of step-down voltage half-wave rectifier circuit, in f st

able 25V output ends of the left and right straight. At this time the pressure flow la transistor VT1,. VT2 are in the oFF state, bidirectional thyristor tube trigger current, especially in the off state, F does not light the lamp. lights when needed, then ~ F SB, 25v DC via R., Rj to VT1 Almost bias current fed into the base, V1, l, VT2 have been turned on, vrH get trigger current opened, the lamp is powered E-emitting, meanwhile, (, full charge through rapid blood R. after releasing the SB, r. stored charge by R. dare to VT1 electric, we are still able to maintain VT1 conduction, small lights will go out. with G continues to discharge, VTI, VT2 conduction to the original zoom into nervous state, and ultimately restore the oFF-state, so R. voltage becomes smaller, eventually reduced to zero, the thyristor conduction angle vrH also will be smaller after the moth becomes zero Wei, E light fades until it goes off. change R., Gs, uh value to change the delay time of the circuit can be adjusted as needed .

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