Sound delay lamp circuit diagram

As shown in the telephone table lamp, night ringing or when off-hook light will automatically light up, hang up after delay 45s lamp self-extinguish. Normally used for general

use lamp dimmer, without light switch. When the lamp for the delay, simply click delay touch of a button, the light will delay self-extinguished after 45s. The circuit is set in one of a variety of purposes, mainly by optical coupling circuit, light control circuit, a negative pulse generating circuit, monostable trigger circuit, the thyristor switch circuit and power supply circuit. Figure, IC1 use 4 feet PC817 models; IC2 NE555 equivalent type when base integrated circuit. VT best selection 9014,3DK4 etc. switch; VS selection 1A, 600V ~ 800V Triac, such as 97A6,97A8 other models; regulator is 1/2W 12V as 2CW60 like. MG choice of light resistance of less than 1k MG45 models. C5 best selection of CBB polypropylene capacitors, voltage 400V or more. H with 25W or 45W bulbs.

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