With a CD4013 Touch delay saving lamp production

Posted on Dec 11, 2010

Diode VD2 ~ VD5, SCR vs consisting touch switch main circuit, R5 and VDI constitute a power supply circuit, the output of about 12V DC voltage of about, for manifold A electric

With a CD4013 Touch delay saving lamp production
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ity. A manifold of a D flip-flop, it then into a typical single -shot circuit, the output terminal Q or 1 foot output low steady state, so SCR vs off, lamp H does not shine. If people touch electrode sheet M, human induced noise signal via a resistor Rl added to the end, or manifold CP 3 feet, one-shot that is flipped into the transient, Q end, or l feet high output, this high power flat all the way through the resistor R4 as the trigger SCR vs vs number so quickly opened, namely H lamp lit; another pass resistor R3 to capacitor cl charged and the manifold reset terminal R or 4 foot level continues rise, when raised to the threshold level, the reset circuit, one-shot circuit to turn back to the stable state, l foot went back to its original low level, vs loss of trigger signal when the AC zero crossing that is turned off, the lamp H goes out. LED light tube is used to indicate the switch position, switch easy to find at night.

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