Offset + 2% - temperature coefficient temperature compensation circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Circuit of the easy to use cedar LM3sDZ temperature detection heir. Does not show adjusted to obtain 1 (hnV/aC output temperature change range if he is 0 ~ so * c, -. The outpu

Offset + 2% - temperature coefficient temperature compensation circuit
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t is 0 ~ 500mV, 4t amplifier OP is 10 times magnification (by the R., the island as scheduled ) after the 0 to ten sVo in the division circuit, near ov can not serve as the denominator saturated output shaft 1-c), so as to 2sc reference magnification of 111-5 to 1-6 Lin. According to the calculation formula for dividing circuit, Ray. 10z/- x, + a stone ioW when. Magnification of l, hindered terms of a three 5V, 2S oC :: crab benchmark amplification. If you make multiple should 2b magnification in 1.5 3 the same change; x Jing input voltage range of a 3, 3V ~ 6-60v mouth Accordingly, Shall be thrown OP spin big clamor As the sV voltage is changed to 3.33V, its magnification is less than l, at 250C base temperature with y ugly with the 43-phase input voltage Confidence - svt

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