24v to 16v circuit diagram of a buck

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

As shown program uses Linears LT1934 chip production, high cost, high overall efficiency of the electricity load circuit design is less demanding, there are a lot of adjustment

24v to 16v circuit diagram of a buck
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margin. When input 24VDC, the input is not isolated a set of output 5V, 9mA current, and input isolation of a set of output 5V, 4mA current, 24VDC bus current can easily do less than 3.5mA, efficiency can reach 85%. LT1934 series chip is a reference voltage source, an oscillation circuit, and the like of the error amplifier, CMOS step-down DC PWM control/DC controller. Key indicators: input voltage 3.3~34V, the output voltage is 1.5~6.0V, 0.1V can be set for the advanced units; low quiescent current of 12 A maximum, maximum output current 300mA. Figure 4 is a basic circuit LT1934. In the design of the circuit, component selection and S-8251 is basically the same in PCB layout design should pay attention LT1934 chip capacitors C2 and distance can not be too far away, try to use thick lines, it is best to use a ground plane, otherwise it will lead to self-oscillation. Inductor L1 for DC/DC conversion efficiency play a decisive role. If L1 is too small, the conversion efficiency of the circuit will be reduced starting current is increased, can not even start. If L1 is too large, it may cause decreased output capacity, while the DC/DC circuit may oscillate.

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