Cloth from idling stop saving circuit

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Female textile machine power control circuit shown in a diagram, VTH1-VTH3 is TRIAC, R, and C is the absorption line, Rz is triggering the current limiting resistor, Kl is to s

tart reed. K2 is the first stop Reed, Yl, Y2 is a magnet. Three-phase power Ll, L2, L3 through V th1 - VTH3 applied to the motor M on. Moving the clutch lever, the push to boot Yl position, Kl internal contacts connected, VTH1-VTH3 touch made conducting, energizing the motor M is running; shutdown, mounted on the clutch lever from the stop near the magnetic J Y2 K2, K2 inside the normally closed contacts break l open. Trigger off go the same way, VTH1 ~ VTH3 have been turned off, the motor M is stopped,

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