Dance mat schematic circuit

Posted on Dec 11, 2010

Dancing blanket principle is very simple, it is a direct retrofit keyboard or gamepad. Each key on the keyboard and gamepad are actually a switch, as long as these switch on th

Dance mat schematic circuit
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e ground with a wire lead out riding on the line. Its that simple, to the keyboard as described below. Although the principle is simple, but the realization of the principle is not so simple. First, you need to have a keyboard, the keyboard is the best old (if you buy a new keyboard might as well just buy the dance mat), disassemble the keyboard arrow keys to find the corresponding joints, weld must find pairs, preferably multimeter test Make sure that both joints are not turned on when the key is pressed, then each of these wires are soldered to the pads. Then there is the pressure-sensitive switch production. Making the switch is the key, we must first prepare two pieces of 10cm 1cm metal sheet, a metal sheet to choose a relatively soft material with good memories but the metal, according to how the stereotypes will not be much deformed, and the texture is especially good. Sheet metal bending (about 140 degrees), then prepare a 30cm 30cm cardboard or plywood skin as a switch base, find a small and a little tougher than the base paper, the two metal sheets in a crisscross pattern fixed in the middle of the paper, the paper cover to the base sit. Followed by two wires (as much as possible fine wire, which have a certain impact on the foot feeling) to remove a small portion of the insulating layer, and then were the two wires to remove the insulating layer where the metal sheet is fixed to the inside of both ends of the (put location is very careful, not by the metal sheet when the two wires can not come into contact with the metal sheet, pressed metal sheet when they have the opposite, its only qualified best measured with a multimeter in order to avoid fixed wire after the discovery put position was not allowed). Finally, the wire drawn out to switch on the line outside. Such a pressure-sensitive switch on the well. Then in such a way and then make the switch in the other direction. Now only the conductor wires and switches on the keyboard together, and then on the corresponding direction on the dance mat is completed. If able to do so, the switch can also be fixed on the ground or large jaws, so jumped up more feeling.

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