Factory secondary low-voltage distribution electrical panel wiring diagram

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

BSL is shown in low-voltage distribution panel wiring diagram. It consists of three parts, namely, the voltage measuring circuit, secondary circuit protection and energy meteri

Factory secondary low-voltage distribution electrical panel wiring diagram
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ng circuit. (1) using the voltage measuring circuit voltage switch SA and a voltmeter PV. Any time to monitor whether the three-phase power supply is operating smoothly, to meet the requirements required by the load voltage. (2) secondary protection circuit normally open contact, closing instruction signal red HLt, opening indication signal the green light HLG, limiting resistor R and the like. By closing the line, opening the correct signal deaf culture, clear circuit status. Electrical equipment and wiring during operation, the time is now overload or loss of voltage, the voltage loss through the release coil energized Yan release FV and load switch QF constituted promptly cut off the line, ensure security lines, equipment and personal safety base. (3) energy metering loop circuit includes a three-phase energy metering active energy meter PJ and three current transformers TA1-TA3 and three current meter PA. Use energy consumption metering system attack case, the current transformer and ammeter constitute a current measuring circuit, with l put line monitoring circuit current is normal or not,

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