Human reaction speed test circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Human reaction speed test circuit as shown in FIG. NAND gate D25, D26 and other components multivibrator output clock pulse period is about 50ms. IC1 composition 8 right register, D1 composed of boot delay circuit output signal as its serial input data. Just

Human reaction speed test circuit
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machines, since D1 output is "1" in the clock pulses, IC1 8-bit storage unit quickly all "1"; after 3s ~ 4s, D1 output to "0", the test signal VD1 light, while, IC1 8-bit storage unit under the clock pulses from left to right to "0" until the person being tested press the stop button S1, the D3, RS flip-flop D4 composed of "0" so that D25, D26 stop vibration, IC1 is on hold, the result through the drive circuit D13 ~ D16, D21 ~ D24 drive the light emitting diode display. D2s role is to make the stop button S1 tests only after the bright lights VD1 acts invalid press ahead.

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