Pocket-sized device to help Xin

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

As shown for the portable hearing aid circuitry, which is the input coupling capacitor C1. C2 for the filter capacitor, to prevent internal bias signal input circuit caused by

Pocket-sized device to help Xin
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

feedback. Capacitor C3 is used to appropriately attenuate high frequency components from the headset BE. C4 for the power supply filter capacitor. RP is the volume control potentiometer. ICl audio signal from the hearing aid microphone BM ASIC TB5318 internal multi-stage amplification, direct drive headphones BE playback. Due to the high gain of the circuit within IC1, pay attention to the wiring layout of the production of machine components, in order to avoid the formation of self-excited. In addition, ICls feet have connected a resistor R value of the integrated circuit about stepper value should be 360K Omega ~ 1M Omega choose between. Circuit BE should be high impedance headphones.

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