Solenoid control circuit

Posted on Nov 10, 2015

AC solenoid driven control with SSR principle is shown in Fig. The switch is closed SW1,220V AC transformer through the transformer T to AC 30V, the QL crossing barrier

Solenoid control circuit
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rectifier; capacitance C. , G filter, regulator IC IC7824 output + 24V supply solenoid control circuit, power indicator LED1 (red) lights up. This circuit is used ironworks, foundry iron with feeding electromagnetic crane (one can lift 0.5t pig iron). Move motion hoist electromagnetic crane to move raw materials (iron) position, dropped to iron heap. Closes the switch SW2, solid state relay SSR1 eligible for the positive supply terminal is turned, SSR fine the end and feet conduction, solenoid is energized DT absorption of iron. Electric hoist lifting electromagnets. The warm iron raw material to the cupola, disconnect switch SW2, pig iron fall within the furnace, there are lights LED2 (green) indication at work. And a DL alarm sound, indicating that people pay attention to safety.

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