Typical hardware circuit diagram of FT245BM

Posted on Dec 11, 2010

FT245BM typical hardware circuit as shown in FIG. This circuit uses bus-powered mode, while using power-on reset mode, the output by the reset the device. The clock circuit can

Typical hardware circuit diagram of FT245BM
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be 4 feet of 6 MHz crystal oscillator module or by the one 6 MHz crystal and two 33 pF capacitor components. Feet and I/O 24 pin connected for determining USB bus is in a suspended state or normal state. Power supply terminal in USB interface uses a bead to reduce interference and a host device; at the same time, increase the supply side decoupling and bypass capacitors, in order to improve anti-jamming performance of the circuit. In the PCB board design, the data line traces should be as short and of equal length. Figure 3 93C46 (93C56 or 93C66) is a EEPROM, for VID, PID, serial number, and some descriptive text and other storage products. These require the user to write, to write applications provided by FTDI. Users only need to run the corresponding VB application, write the appropriate information to their own. The EEPROM is optional. If no EEPROM, FT245BM will use the default VID, PID, product descriptors and Power Descriptor, and no serial number of the device.

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