Model Aeroplane Navigation Strobe

If you are interested in model aeroplanes and have the capital, a radio controlled electric park flyer is a must have. An RC aeroplane under 400 grams floats around like the rubber models of my youth and contact with the ground doesn`t seems to involve that sickening crunch that comes with larger models. Finding a deserted park in which to fly one (that propellor can still be dangerous) and waiting for a windless day isn`t always that easy but it sure beats driving an hour to a club field. Park flyers are definitely stress beaters and are also just plain fun

This circuit should work with 6, 7 or 8 cells as zener D1 and trim pot VR1 make the duty cycle of the 555 timer chip adaptable and the transistor Q1 limits the lamp current to 50mA. R1 and D1 provide a near stable voltage so that C1 (I used tantalum 35w

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