A read-only phase sequence indicator circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

As can be seen from the three-phase voltage waveform diagram [Figure 2- 76 (a)] When one of the phases voltage from positive to negative over the zero point, followed by a phas

A read-only phase sequence indicator circuit
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e voltage is positive, while the third group was negative. U side or t terminal voltage is positive when steady pressure diode VD2 and VD3 will produce voltage, while H and V2 will be turned on. When the U terminal voltage from positive to negative zero crossing, VD2. Voltage E reduced ov, H off, the clock pulse input of IC to get a pulse signal rising edge, the D end state is set IC. And this time, since trade t terminal voltage, the voltage VD3 on to ov, V2 off, 0 output terminal and the D terminal of the IC as a high potential, and the hundred-ended output is low, H turned on, the lights VD green LED, shown in yellow color VD4 after synthesis. Conversely, if the U, V, IV in FIG phase relationship with the opposite one, the mine when the terminal voltage from positive to negative zero crossing, W terminal voltage will be positive, the outlet end of the IC is low, the output terminal of high insect potential, low potential output terminal 0, V4 conduction, lit VD6 green LED, VDfi shows yellow after synthesis. Power to the entire circuit is powered by V-phase through C, and VD, buck rectifier, C2 and by the post-filter and regulator VD7 obtained.

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