Generating Electro-Gravitic (EG) Forces


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In the absence of any other force, a mass m experiences a force mg due to Earth’s gravitational field. Since matter is composed of atoms or molecules, it is possible to generate a polarizing electrostatic force between + and – matter. Let’s refer to these forces as F1 and F2, as shown in Fig. 1. Since Biefeld and Brown observed a weight reduction of about 1-2%, it can be said that F1 is slightly greater than F2.

Generating Electro-Gravitic (EG) Forces - schematic

So the goal here is to generate an asymmetrical force pair by changing the shape of the capacitor. The + electrode can be made a small sphere and the one can be a large plate. This way, the negatively charged mass is distributed to a larger area. 

If the structure weighs 10 Kg, required E is 948KV/m. To reduce E, b has to be increased. For b=10m radius circle, 2 Sb   =314.16 m² and E=189KV/m. 
If the structure is 3m in height, the potential difference between + and – electrodes must be 189KV/m * 3 = 567 KV. 

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PCB file: Click here to download 255 file.PCB file: Click here to download 255 file.

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