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Posted on Jun 29, 2012

The Testatika design based on the Pidgeon/Wimshurst machine is of course only one type of electrostatic generator to build this system around. Since the early 1900s such power generators have come a long way in sophistication - and in power output - recently developed machines output 300,000 volts which can then be transformed and utilized

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After reading through the many early accounts of electrostatic rotary machines, and some of the more recent ones, you can't help but be puzzled by the Methernitha's incredibly low rotational speed of just 60 rpm (and in the 1999 engineers report as low as¦15 rpm !). Most other early experimenters boasted up to 3000 rpm, J.G.Trump in his work on high voltage generation in space [note 12] spun his rotary machine at 10,000 rpm (to produce 433 Watts at 24 KV no less). One reason for this low speed might be to do with the close proximity of the 50 lamellas (gitter-grilles) on the discs at their inner ends, they are very close together, I think too close. Air, normally an insulator, breaks down and conducts at around 25-35 KV (this figure has been fairly constant from day-one of electrostatic machine experiments right through to the present day because air has a breakdown field strength of 3x106 volts/metre) and short-circuits the circuit. I feel that because this design of grilles is prone to short-circuiting at high voltages the Methernitha people have limited their rotational speed so as to ensure a low operating voltage of what I'd guesstimate to be only 12 to 24KV. But, is this a waste of extra potential ? Not necessarily¦For I don't think that the main power output comes solely from what the two contra-rotating discs supply. There is, I believe, a far more important power generator¦the electron cascade generator,...

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