300A-18V three-phase thyristor power regulator circuit for electrolysis

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

300A-18V three-phase thyristor power regulator circuit electrolysis It can output DC 3000A, 18V (adjustable), power supply solution processing. Circuit from the main circuit, trigger circuit, part of the synchronous power, DC power, voltage negative feedback

300A-18V three-phase thyristor power regulator circuit for electrolysis
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circuit and protection circuit. Voltage negative feedback voltage is removed from the cell (ie, the rectifier output), the reactor L superimposed on a given voltage (by the potentiometer RP to the drawing). Voltage differential negative feedback by the R23 and C9. It plays the role of regulator with automatic voltage negative feedback. Since the single-junction transistor relaxation oscillator output pulse is narrow, in order to make reliable short pulse to trigger the transformer Ti of three phases in parallel a 150W lamp load.

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fighter   Mar 24, 2021

300A-18V three-phase thyristor

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