Days to TN-1 Intelligent negative pulse charging circuit

Posted on Dec 11, 2010

Days to TN-1 Intelligent negative pulse charging circuit Is a day to TN-I intelligent negative pulse charging circuit. This charger is the main part of the typical half-bridge

Days to TN-1 Intelligent negative pulse charging circuit
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two chargers, and FIG constituting 2-75 charger circuit is basically the same. This introduces negative pulse charging circuit works. This part of the circuit by the discharge switch, the negative load control pulse, the pulse oscillator consists of three parts. Discharge switch is transistor Q6. Q6 is avoided, the collector and emitter of the battery short circuit, battery discharge. Q6 is turned off, the battery charge to restore power. Q5 and Q6 are directly coupled, commonly known as Darlington. Q6 by loading negative pulse oscillator and joint control. Negative pulse load is controlled by IC3 composed of C and D, D connected to the inverter (circuit in parallel with the two input NAND gate as a NAND gate), only two inputs C are high level, feet is low, the D-inverting make Q6 is turned on, the battery to discharge. C feet from the multivibrator 1 per second (pulse width 3 ms) positive pulse, C of O feet from the current detection circuit of IC2 O feet, constant current charging O feet high almost electric. In this case, negative pulse to work. Pulse oscillator A and B by the IC3 and C24, C25, two 100 k: C1 resistor constitute a typical multi-harmonic oscillator, charge and discharge time constants different high 3 ms, low 1250 ms. Negative pulse charging can be improved charge acceptance, reduce the charge temperature. Said charger during discharge, do not turn off the charging circuit.

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