Complementary voltage switching Class D amplifier circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Complementary voltage switching Class D amplifier circuit shown in Fig. Transistor VT1, VT2 are 3DA12. Among them, two of the same type (NPN) tube series product transistor VT

Complementary voltage switching Class D amplifier circuit
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is 3DK41C. Collector plus a constant DC voltage VLr 12V: an input circuit through the high-frequency transformer Tl, so I. this tube VI. 1 and anti-VT2 get to the square wave excitation voltage. Due to increase in both series n ij Journal (NPN) transistor input terminal of the voltage is large enough and the opposite phase, two tubes in switch state and alternately turned on. Voltage across the circuit to a square wave. Size equal to the DC supply voltage V (Jc.k, cJ series circuit composed of a high Q to select the fundamental frequency. Therefore, this amplifier is referred to as the voltage switching Class D amplifiers .

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