Zero volt switching circuit diagrams

As shown, the zero volt switching circuit in the zero crossing of the AC voltage generated trigger pulse. In order to trigger the zero crossing of the 555 limit comparator conn

ected into a single form, the comparison voltage point by setting the corresponding static bias voltage control terminal 5 feet 0.7 ~ 1V, as a comparison with a LED device. It can be used as a reference voltage indicating the presence of a light-emitting. Working Process waveform diagram shown in Figure (b) below. Here, in order to illustrate the problem, it will be drawn into a triangle wave sine wave, but does not affect the analysis process. Since the reference voltage is relatively low, therefore, the trigger level near zero volts to produce a pulse width narrower. Thus, SCR zero crossing of the AC mains voltage switched on and off, can weaken the impact of high-frequency radiation interference and adjacent appliances.

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