RF2132 linear power amplifier circuit diagram

As shown in FIG constitute grounds RF2132 linear power amplifier circuit. Radio frequency (RF) signal from the input pin 3, via a preamplifier, after the last stage power ampli

fier output is amplified by 10, 11 feet. 3 feet and internal amplifier is directly coupled, plus a blocking its coupling capacitor, the input impedance is 3 feet 50, but the exact value of the impedance between the internal level 1 pin external matching network decisions. L1 is between the center frequency of the output level adjustment inductors; R1 can be improved linearity, increasing the first-stage amplifier bias; L2 is the amplifier output stage shunt inductor; C7 with 14, 15 feet inside wiring inductances series resonance, the resonant frequency is 2f0, second harmonic output short circuit can effectively improve gain and efficiency. Output terminals 10,11,14,15 feet inside the chip is connected. 8 feet to power control pin (PC), you can control the pin voltage to control the power supply. At room temperature, when the voltage is low (at 0.5V or lower), the amplifier power is turned off. Vcc 4.8V, Vpc 4.0V.

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