Hydraulic oil Automotive LED Alarm SL322C schematic

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

As shown in FIG hydraulic oil for automotive LED alarm circuit. The circuit consists of a light emitting diode driver SL322C (IC), integrated voltage regulator circuit CW7809 (

Hydraulic oil Automotive LED Alarm SL322C schematic
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N), the hydraulic oil level sensor W (W1, W2), the alarm circuit. IC is used to display a DC signal, CW7809 the 12V battery voltage stable at 8V, in order to eliminate the influence of voltage fluctuations. If the oil level sensor W1 and resistors R1, R2 reasonably fit, the top surface of the oil tank when the voltage at the input of O feet SL322C is 3.5V, namely five light-emitting diode lighting one. And when the oil tank minimum voltage SL322C O foot in less than 1V, then at least four LED lights, and leads to an alarm signal from the fourth light-emitting diodes, to inform the driver in advance. LED lights only the fifth time. It indicates that the oil tank has been depleted. If the oil pressure sensor resistance W2 and resistors R3, R4 reasonably fit, then under normal circumstances, hydraulic oil, the other input voltage SL322C 17 feet higher than 3V, so as to ensure that at least four LED lights, and in the oil pressure falls below l.5kg/cm2, the voltage drops below 17 feet of 1V, and there are four LED goes out, and from the fourth cormorant Farm hollow mistaken sleet lotus cow Yun Kong Mountain case Ma turnip thin Hui Qian oR gate circuit G1 and BG2 composition. Whether it is lack of hydraulic oil, or the oil tank is too low can make the speaker Y alarm sound. When BG3 and BG4 composition oscillators, only BG1 and BG2 conduction, BG2 and the base at a high potential, the oscillator was oscillating, thereby providing audio signals Y.Hydraulic oil level display and light-emitting diode displays have five, according to the choice of a different color. In general automobile tank, oil indicating instrument vary according to operating conditions and the accuracy is not high, such as a car or climbing tilted, indicating the oil level indicating instrument pointer errors occur. Further indicating instrument striking enough. No limit alarm to alert the driver in advance. In addition to the alarm LEDs to show the height of the oil tank and the police, it can also display oil pressure situation, it is a new type of hydraulic oil LED alarm.

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