A water tank automatic control circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

After 3t40V power Sutra T seats is reduced to 6.3V low voltage by VDi - V sulfone full transition rectified. c1 filter provide after - when caution circuit NI/555 operating vol

A water tank automatic control circuit
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tage: NE555 (2) llt when canthus under military drawdown point B; 0 showed a low position, Chong Mi touch internal circuit overturns, Rotary (3) pin output high power semi-relay action was electric, dual touch n - K1 -l closed Yu pumping motor is activated while closing Kl 2 B. Point C are shorted wiring: When the water level rose to the point A t i inch, the power supply voltage over R. Tan. Office points to NE555 (2), (6) feet away from the potential promoted to potential. (6) feet too trigger-based circuit provider side, when the voltage reaches 2/3VDD lq born of the circuit that is pulled over so (3) pin output goes low, J first electric release Kl - I, Kl -2, the motor stops JL work. BG connection contacts jump AB heap line is short-circuited. fb-like nervous waiting to enter the road. Live below the water level is higher than the Dong A point B point. Toggle buttons K2 Oh boom in exploration will draw water gate.

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